About Hildur Yeoman

Hildur Yeoman is a Reykjavik based womenswear label.
Fashion Designer Hildur Yeoman has won numerous awards including Fashion Designer of the Year in Iceland.
She has dressed the likes of Taylor Swift, Kehlani, Laura from Khruangbin  and Icelandic singer Björk. 
Hildur is known for her storytelling and her illustrations. 
She creates a new, enchantment filled universe for each collection she 
produces, with each one telling a new story. The stories range from 
everything between Icelandic herbs and witchcraft to tales of her biker 
chic grandmother who travelled across the United States with a 
motorcycle gang. Forming the core of the brand are Yeoman’s magical 
prints and the traditional Icelandic handcraft techniques that she 
interprets in new and exciting ways.

Hildur Yeoman’s design studio is located in central Reykjavik where she 
and her team strive to design clothes that both flatter and empower the 
female form.

Sustainability is an important subject to Hildur Yeoman.  The team strives to use recycled materials or fabrics made from recycled tread.
Hildur Yeoman makes small productions, she never overproduces and uses up all of her fabrics into zero waist projects. 
The clothes are produced  in small factories in Estonia where the company can assure that employees are well treated and paid fairly for their work. 

Each item in her collections is made to embrace and flatter the female 
form and to transmit the abundant Icelandic heritage of self-empowered