J. Southern Studio



Launched in 2010, J. Southern Studio is a woman owned and operated, Los Angeles based design house that creates specialized adornment and wellness objects intended to help connect, manifest, and align with the energies around us. 

Our Wellness + Ritual collection is one that, through ceremony and ritual, celebrates our ancient past, awakens our curiosities, and reconnects us to the Earth. Inspired by crystal healing philosophies, candle magick practices, traditional herbal smoke rituals, and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, each Ritual Kit, Candle, Oil, and Mist are made to encourage manifestation through meditation.

All of the components in our Ritual Kits, from the Earth born minerals to our essential oils, are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from it's people or place of origin. Our herbs and flowers are cultivated on small local farms, and our varied sage comes from two places: an organic sage farm, and from an Indigenous friend who wild crafts and wishes to share healing tools with the world. Likewise, our Palo Santo is fair -trade from an association in Ecuador that works to reforest, educate, and provide income for their community.